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About SAANS:

Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh was founded in 1963. An organisation modelled for the budding youths of the Agarwal community, Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh was formed with a dream to mould the Agarwal youth into confident, capable and efficient citizens of tomorrow - in whose hands the future of the community lies.
Through the wings of the organisation, the youth were taught the lessons of unity and brotherhood, the seeds of self-confidence was sown in the hearts of the youth and several activities were initiated to vitalise the youth in cultural and social activities. Read More

Bachelor Membership

INR5000 Per Year

Family Membership

INR10000 Per Year

Life Membership (New)

INR101100 Per Year

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SAANS Flagship Event - SAANS Scholarship

SAANS Upcoming Events - Apna Madras (26th July)

SAANS Scholarship
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