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Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh was founded in 1963. An organisation modelled for the budding youths of the Agarwal community, Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh was formed with a dream to mould the Agarwal youth into confident, capable and efficient citizens of tomorrow - in whose hands the future of the community lies.


Through the wings of the organisation, the youth were taught the lessons of unity and brotherhood, the seeds of self-confidence was sown in the hearts of the youth and several activities were initiated to vitalise the youth in cultural and social activities.

Youth was chosen as a platform to launch our organisation because there was already a parent body with senior members having their own set of activities. Moreover, during the period of the 60s, there were only a handful of Hindi speaking organisations in Madras and finding a youth organisation amidst them was extremely difficult.

In such a difficult scenario, Shree Agarwal Navyuvak Sangh (henceforth referred to as SANS), under the able guidance of Shri Bhagwan Das Mangal, Shri Sitaram Goenka, Shri Umashankar Agarwal and Shri Ambalal Mangal, was born as our dream organisation. Late Shri Brijlal Chowdry, a member of our parent organisation, gave us wholehearted support. Both directly and indirectly, he helped in nurturing our organisation.

Initially, SANS sought the patronage of Shree Agarwal Sabha and was working under its banner till 1996. Thereafter SANS has come under the patronage of Shree Agarwal Samaj (Madras) and has been working under its fold ever since.

SANS was formed not only to awaken the awareness of our youth towards their social objectives, but also to develop their physical and mental abilities. Since very few organisations with similar objectives were existing, youth from different Hindu communities expressed their desire to be a part of the organisation and soon SANS was performing like a well oiled unit.


Another objective of SANS was to bring all Hindi speaking people under one banner and promote the use of Hindi and develop the language in Tamil Nadu. During the 1960s, there were not too many Hindi speaking people in Madras and the language had to be developed in the hearts of the people.

Keeping these objectives in mind, thrust was given to students at school/college level to enact plays in Hindi, organise oratorical musical competitions in Hindi and encourage essay writing and literary activities in Hindi through competitions. An activity in this direction was the inspirational Hindi play New Hand, a venture of Shri Brijlal Chowdry. This turned out to be a roaring success.

From 1963 itself, SANS was quite active and focussed in its objectives. In 1965, during the period when war clouds were hanging over the country, SANS organised a cultural program (on 21-9-1965) at Kalaivanar Arangam (then the Children's Theatre) and sent a sum of Rs.5001/- to the National Relief Fund. It was a big corpus those days.

From 1966, the inter-school debate and essay writing competitions, together with musical competitions, have been held. In the fields of Sports, SANS was very active. Chess, cricket, table tennis and other sports activities were regularly conducted and an annual sports meet was organised every year.

The very active members during the initial phase of our Sangh were Shri Gyan Jain, Shri Vithaldas Agarwal, Shri Inder Raj Bansal, Shri Ramesh Gupta Neerad, Shri Bhagwandas Mangal, Shri Amritlal Agarwal, Shri S.K.Todi, Shri Lalit Lath and Shri Mukesh Mehta.





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