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During the 1971 India-Pakistan war, SANS achieved maturity and organised a superhit kavi sammelan, donating another sum of Rs.5001/- to the National Relief Fund. A stall was setup at the Madras Central Railway Station where all the travelling Indian soldiers were provided with free tea, biscuits and snacks. Free water stalls were also installed at four important junctions of Madras city.

On 13 August, 1979, SANS constitution formally came into existence. The architect of the constitution was Shri Ramesh Gupta Neerad. On 5-2-1978, SANS, along with Shree Agarwal Sabha, played host to the All India Agarwal Yuva Sammellan, in which delegates from all over India converged. A huge congregation, in which hundreds of delegates participated, was held at Shree Rama Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai. The program was a roaring success and proved to the hilt that SANS was capable of handling large national level conventions successfully.

SANS was growing in leaps and bounds and so were its activities. The horizon and scope of its activities widened with each passing year and newer and innovative presidents earmarked bigger and bigger projects. SANS' inhouse publication Humdum was launched (and was subsequently rechristented as Agradhara). Persons like Shri Vijay Goel, Shri Manoharlal Bagaria, Shri Suresh Gupta and Shri Purushottam Saraf added more milestones to SANS.

The need for a permanent source of fund was felt and that gave birth to Agarwal Navyuvak Trust where sufficient fund was depositied to carry on the activities of scholarship and book bank successfully.

SANS took care of the interest of its members' entertainment too. From time to time, movies were screened free of cost to its members. An annual Diwali Milan program was organised every year on a very grand scale. Besides, every year, we organise a Prashn Manch quiz programme for both Shree Agarwal Samaj (Madras) and SANS members.

In the 1990s, SANS had to restrict its membership for the simple reason that it became extremely difficult to service more and more members. The membership had crossed the magical 200 figure and it was thought that in order to maintain a vibrant organisation, only active members be taken in its fold. People were waiting in queue to becomes members of SANS.

The activities have increased manifold. Today our scholarship program will be envied by any organisation. More than 150 students are given scholarships of Rs.1000, full/half school tuition fees per year. The scholarship is given after careful screening and scrutiny. More than 200 students avail books under our book bank scheme, wherein children from Class XI and XII are provided with state-board text books. Besides we have a Marriage Endowment Fund, where needy Agarwal families are given loans for performing marriage of their daughters.

SANS is organising health camps and blood donation camps for the benefit of its members. SANS sometimes steps into the spiritual fora by organising Maa Bhagwathi Jagran and religious discourses by renowned gurus. Sometimes members are taken to Tirupati and other religious temples.

Another feather in the cap of SANS is our SANS cricket team. After 5-6 years of hardwork, we have developed a fairly good cricket team which plays shoulder to shoulder with other registered clubs of TNCA.

SANS Housing Society was formed with a view to bring all our members under one roof in one township. A housing colony formed for about 80 - 100 members has shown substantial appreciation in land prices and has been benefical to all our members.

SANS organises every year one outdoor picnic and one one-day local picnic. Among the outdoor picnics, our Sangh members have visited Mussoorie, Munnar, Goa, Kadavu, Orange County, Coorg, Mahabaleswar, Ooty and other idyllistic spots. Many tours have been conducted to overseas destinations also.






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