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Tambaram Offers among other amusements hi-tech ones like space shuttle, wave pool, white water, flume ride, Kiddies Kingdom.

MGM “Dizzle World” Beach Resort
24 kMS towards Mahabalipuram,(Near Muttukadu). Has amusement park, unique water sports.

Prime Time
Annanagar, extravagant indoor amusement park, especially for children packed with bumper carrides, play pens and all sorts of new games.

Dash ‘N Splash
30 Kms from Central Station. South India’s exclusive water park. Has wave spiral and free fall slides and flumes from height of 12ft to 35ft.

VGP Golden Beach
30 Kms from Chennai. A popular beach resort and amusement park filled with children’s games, parks and seaside restaurant.


Marina Beach
The city’s Marina Beach, bordered by gardens, lies just to the South of the War Memorial. It is claimed to be the second largest in the world, about 13 kms.

For a balmy holiday, the fishing village of Covelong has an excellent stretch of beach. This lies 55 km enroute to Mamallapuram which is 60 km from Madras and is a breathtaking seaside haven ideal for a relaxing holiday.

Elliots Beach
Besantnagar. Located in a more quiet and sedate ambience, ideal for sunset strolls.


Dev Centre for Musical Instruments
Mylapore. An exquisite collection of ancient and modern musical instruments, both original and prototype can be found here.

Fort Museum
Beach road. An exclusive museum which preserves relics of the British era including original correspondence of those times.

National Art Gallery and Museum
Built in 1906, the Chennai National Art Gallery was originally intended to be a memorial to queen Victoria. An impressive certal dome flanked a series of smaller domes supported by pillars on each side. After independence, it became an art Gallery in 1951. It has bronze exhibits dating from 10th to 13th centuries and paintings of Rajasthani and Mughals of the 17th century. Established in 1857, the museum can justify its claim to being one of India’s best. There are large sectiors devoted to Archacology, Anthropology, Geology, Numismatics, Zoology and Botany along with comprehensive collections of arms and armour.




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